A picture of a head outlined in red showing red lightning inside the head running down the neck where the image cuts off.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Seizure

Missy O'Neal
Jul 27, 2021

A well of gravity
In my head
Eyes pulled in
Vision dead

A current rushes
Down my bones
Shock creeps through
Each muscle tones

I want to scream
But have no voice
Limbs move
Without a choice

The storm rages
Try to breathe
Fighting the current
I’m underneath

The well recedes
My body aches
I breathe in deep
The movement breaks

I lie still
Stare at the wall
Gain my bearings
Feel it all

The moment passed
The seizure ceases
I catch my breath,
Pick up the pieces

Missy O'Neal

Disabled writer using her skills to make life better for disabled people.